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Heather McKay Novak

As you're learning more about YOUR Feel Good Flow and how to bring these EVERYDAY ATTRACTION concepts into your daily life, you may want some more personalized guidance.

Heather is available for one-on-one  individualized channeling sessions for you via phone or Skype from the comfort of your home.

If you're an entrepreneur, influencer, executive, CEO or a company desiring tremendous propulsion while choosing the path of least resistance, we have a few options for you, as follows:

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After years of taking the challenging route and working very hard, Heather McKay Novak realized that the way of the majority opposed logic and defied reasoning. After graduating from UC Berkeley, she worked for over 20 years in Corporate America at both large and small companies creating new divisions, programs and trainings.  Heather has partnered with companies such as Bank of America, Lehman Brothers, Freddie Mac and others.  Fascinated with the connection between thoughts and behaviors in business and in life, she became a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and started her own company Reset Your Mindset where she assisted hundreds to align their conscious and subconscious minds to achieve their desired results and take the path of least resistance. Known as the chief “heart-opening” officer, Heather used her mathematical and logical schooling to master “short cuts” by introducing the Emotional Guidance System (EGS); a non-traditional approach to increase the speed and ease of masterful change.  An expert in the laws of attraction and deliberate creation, Heather simplifies the principles to invite clients into deeper connections, more financial prosperity, live in their power and be more productive at work and at home; in turn producing more time to relax, play, follow their passions and enjoy life.  Heather resides in Southern California with her two fun and fabulous daughters. 

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Emotional Aromotherapy-Complete Kit Overview

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Using essential oils in your daily life is one the quickest ways to use the power of plants to raise your vibration. Whether you smell, ingest, or rub on your skin, essentials can work with your body to heal, release resistance, and make it easier for you to enjoy and celebrate life.  We know there is SO much to know about these powerful vibrational allies so we've made it easy and 'everyday' by introducing you to these feel good tools.  Enjoy!  Feel Good Sister!

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 doTERRA has the purest and most organic oils sold in the world, for your whole family and household.  Check out our online store to learn more and order if it feels good.   align.eoinfo.com

doTERRA has the purest and most organic oils sold in the world, for your whole family and household.  Check out our online store to learn more and order if it feels good.



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